Track Greater ROI by Employing the Correct Vtiger Plugin

Technology Mindz, a renowned leader that is well-acclaimed for its inimitable technology solutions provides resolute and purely effective WordPress Vtiger Integration and Woocommerce Vtiger Integration services over the plugin support. The company working passionately with its adroit team of enthusiastic professionals has helped a plentiful of clients across the globe with business-specific Vtiger CRM solutions and various Vtiger plugin support, thus helping them in tracking their business leads more effectively and gaining high ROI graphs.

Technology Mindz as a well-experienced service provider for Vtiger CRM and Vtiger plugin solutions offers its clients state of the art Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin support for peerless data synchronization between Woocommerce and Vtiger CRM. Inferable to the profound technical virtuosity of our company in Woocommerce Vtiger CRM integration service this data synchronization process is characterized with an agile and seamless workflow. Thus, giving our clients an authoritative and reliable access to the leads in Woocommerce and effectively facilitate the operation through Vtiger CRM.

Introducing our clients with the sole productive custom Vtiger CRM solutions that are accurately customized and directed to serve your every business management requirement in the most efficient and optimum course of action. Working over the most recent Vtiger CRM version 6.3.0 we offer you the most technically adept Vtiger CRM software customization services so as to help you avail peak functionality perks and lead with a competitive edge. Our customized Vtiger CRM Software claims benefits in following areas-

  • Marketing and sales support through effective lead generation
  • Better customer engagement by automated customer support services
  • Automated Inventory management
  • Creation of new custom modules for directing workflow
  • Explicit business analysis
  • Automated report building
  • Synchonized and well-organized project management through automation capabilities

Empowering our clients with the purely functional and effective WordPress Vtiger Integration plugin support, we introduce our clients to a purely functional and effective aspect of data synchronization between the Vtiger CRM and WordPress forms. Allowing you a complete business-specific customization support with the functionality of the plugin we ensure you a result-oriented integration plugin support. From assignment of individual users to forms, to direct synchronization of leads and contact information from Vtiger CRM to WordPress forms, to setting mandatory fields, to addition of newly created fields, to the creation of short codes of contacts and leads for post uses, our superlative WordPress Vtiger Integration Plugin offers incomparable and intuitive management to our clients.

We at Technology Mindz believe in the everlasting and fruitful business relations, thus serving our clients with the most technically adept Vtiger Plugins and helping them in scaling up the ladder of success up to admirable heights. Our WooCommerce Mapping Plugin and Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin despite being prominent and superlative in their functionality approach are inevitably affordable. With this, we further emphasize on our partnering approach by providing free ongoing service support to our honored clients.

VTiger CRM Customization

At Technology Mindz we are bestowed with an extensive team of engineers who share an in-depth knowledge over customization of the CRM software in a business-specific solution with the help of Vtiger. Thus delivering an all-in-one business management setup for our clients within the parameters like Marketing and Sales support through better lead tracking and conversion, Customer support services through automated and effective customer engagement, and ideal project management through the development of custom modules, etc.   With our customized Vtiger CRM services, we claim your business a significant gain in the business productivity through better lead generation.

WordPress Vtiger Integration Plugin

Adding to the enormous range of capabilities with the Vtiger CRM we offer perfectly customized WordPress Vtiger Integration Plugin that further extends your reach to the lead data by the useful data synchronization capabilities it features over WordPress and Vtiger CRM. Here the data which is in the form of leads and contacts in Vtiger CRM can be quickly and reliably copied to WordPress forms. Some of the most beneficial features of this plugin we would like to highlight include, assigning different users to different forms, the inclusion of new fields to the existing list, marking the mandatory fields, code creation of contacts and leads so as to be used in posts.

Woo-Vtiger Syncing Plugin

Another business specific Vtiger Plugin support provided by Technology Mindz is for your eCommerce business requirements named as Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin. Our company as a renowned Vtiger plugin development company has customized the Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin to enable a seamless data integration between the Woocommerce and the Vtiger CRM. This plugin enables the users to use the lead and contact information from Woocommerce over the Vtiger CRM and thus scaling up the ladder in business productivity with better lead tracking.


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