Why choose us?

We design professional and highly responsive websites for our clients for their utmost satisfaction. Also, we deliver innovative and reliable solutions at cost-effective price to develop and enhance the business of our clients worldwide.

Who we are?

Technology Mindz is one of the leading and quality providers of web design & development and mobile app development services. We work on the values of excellence, integrity, customer priority, teamwork and innovation.

What we do?

We design and develop websites and mobile applications to help business gain new heights in terms of growth, customer base and productivity. We also offer advanced ERP, CRM and HRM systems to provide a competitive edge to the businesses.

About plugins

Technology Mindz is a chief Vtiger plugin development company that excels in providing best-in-class industry-specific solutions for its clients. The company owing to its incomparable technical expertise with the Vtiger CRM solutions, has served various clients worldwide with purely functional WordPress Vtiger Integration and the Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugins. Thus, helping them in gaining a better lead management and lead generation process with the seamless data synchronization utility provided by these plugins.

At Technology Mindz we are committed to serving you wholeheartedly with our impeccable solutions in a cost-effective price so as to develop trustworthy and everlasting business relations. With this, we as an organization leading with high morality offer pronounced customer support to our clients and help them with the required ongoing support.

Our Services

Technology Mindz, a professional Website Design and Development Company, was founded with a vision to provide businesses, a strategic internet marketing solution.

Vtiger Module Development
Vtiger is a CRM solution that is integrated with some of the most advanced and effective business development features and has also proved to be inevitably beneficial for businesses in enhancing their customer relationships and boosting their sales. But, there are times when your horizontal Vtiger CRM solution fails to address some essential business requirements due to its restricted range of functionality.
Vtiger Customization
Today, with each business implementing its unique business development ideas, employing its unique set of procedures and addressing its unique set of issues, it requires its unique set of solutions. Acknowledging the definitude of the statement, we believe that the horizontal nature of the previous CRM solutions has failed to serve appropriately for many businesses having their unique vertical requirements. Thus, requiring a business-specific nature of Vtiger CRM solutions so as to serve as an effective business development solution.
Vtiger Module Customization
The Vtiger module creation services we offer are particularly result-oriented and serve the exact business purpose for which they are created in the most optimum way. With this, our unparalleled expertise over the Vtiger module creator helps us to create the custom module design such, that it can be integrated seamlessly with your Vtiger CRM tool. Our experts in Vtiger create custom modules that can add altogether a different functional approach to your Vtiger CRM tool for you to explore conveniently.
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