Vtiger Voice Assistant
11 Apr

All Businesses Need vTiger Voice Assistant

Have you wanted a chance to make your CRM much more efficient without having to do a lot of it on your own? One thing that you can do is get a voice assistant. You may be thinking, what is a voice assistant? Well, it is basically a virtual assistant. Instead of having you type everything out on your own, you speak into a mic, and it will do everything that you need to be done much easier. This can help make your business more efficient without all of the hassles that you had before. Moving into using a Voice Assistant is going to put your business in the forefront of the technology curve.

Simple payment for the system and you are made. You won’t need to pay for another employee. Instead, everything will be done with you clicking on the mic, and you are done. This extension can allow you to navigate through your whole CRM system easily. You can find anything that you need and even convert your own memos and voice data to create certain tasks and updates in your records easily.

This voice assistant for vTiger CRM is going to be great for present business as well as the future. Just by talking to it, you can create brand new contacts in the system. You are also able to create purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, and so much more. It does more than just create new items for you. You can also edit anything that is in your CRM system. If you need to find something, it can show you any data that you need once a filter is applied to it. It comes with a date filter which can show you the previous year, this year, the past month, this month, yesterday and today. No other system can do this for you as easily.

Once you have filters in place, you can apply conditions to this filter with a specific value that you need. It only takes a click or two, and you are done.

The overall look of the system is very user friendly, which means that there is not a huge learning curve for you, and you can access everything with your mouse. You can locate certain files by clicking through or talking into the mic.

The fact that it is easily integrated into the vTiger CRM system allows you to have better access to anything that you need. This plugin for your CRM is great, no matter what you plan to use it for.

vTiger thought of everything when it comes to a great voice assistant, and this is one that you should certainly look into and get, especially if you are wanting to streamline your business into being more efficient.

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