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03 Sep

Benefits of Woocommerce and SugarCRM Integration

WooCommerce and Sugar CRM plugin enables a seamless functioning of an array of routine tasks critical to your business such as synchronization of data in the CRM system.

This plugin, a blend of WooCommerce and Sugar CRM, effortlessly streamlines leads, handles business orders repeatedly and makes the customer relationship administration simpler, automatically. This plugin eases the effort of manual labor needed to do repetitive tasks like entering data manually, registering leads or sales generated, and updating customer database, etc. Let’s read through as how Woocommerce and SugarCRM integration may help your business reduce costs for operational activities while enhancing the work accuracy and management!

Sugarcrm Woocommerce – The Synchronization

While Sugar CRM WooCommerce plugin assists you to accomplish a wide choice of significant business processes smoothly, the investment required to integrate it into your systems is much lower in terms of capital or time. The plugin comes with a smart sync feature that facilitates background sync scheduled for a particular time, without depending on any manual input from your Salesforce or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The plugin also helps in avoiding any sort of data conflicts, inaccuracies, substandard functioning which gives it a very human-like experience without any manual labor. Thereby, leverage the opportunity of automation and witness the enrichment this plugin brings to your business transformation it for better with its advanced features.

Sugarcrm Woocommerce Features

  • Synchronize registered customer data of woo-commerce into SugarCRM contact list or database
  • Synchronize sales orders of woo-commerce into the lead directory of SugarCRM with a status update (lead initiated, closed, etc.)
  • Synchronize products or services of woo-commerce into SugarCRM product offering
  • Generate reports of synchronized data between the two plugins
  • The plugin supports two-way syncing (automated and manual)
  • Schedule data synchronization (automated) and utilize the time for higher decision-making tasks
  • Secured connection and integration process
  • Easy to integrate and use features
  • Seamless setup and settings

Besides, if you wonder how to maintain the data check for orders and customers, then do not worry; this can be done just with the flip of a second.

Customer Management

  • Customers to be created in woo-commerce and data to be synced in the SugarCRM system
  • Customers to be registered in woo-commerce and data to be saved in the SugarCRM system

Order Management

  • Orders from woocommerce are pushed into SugarCRM systems
  • Order from woocommerce are stored as a sales order in the SugarCRM system

The order status updates from SugarCRM may be transfer and synced with woocommerce (two-way syncing facility)

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