13 Feb

Choosing the Right vTiger Woocommerce Sync Product According to Your Business Requirements

Choosing the Right Woocommerce Sync Product

VTiger hosts a number of sync products for woocommerce integration and data storage and/or transfer, each plugin designed to meet different user needs. As a business owner, knowing your personal business needs and specific business requirements is critical for maximum efficiency. Integrating the appropriate vTiger plugins with your business can transform your daily operations from mediocre to exceptional. Is your business solely operated through online woocommerce? Does your business operate in both an online and offline environment? Do you have plans to expand into offline retail in the near future? Are your current sales reporting needs being met and will they be met in the future? Is a cloud-based data system right for your business? All of these questions should be taken into consideration before choosing the right vTiger woocommerce sync product. No matter the answer to those questions, vTiger offers a few different business solutions to put your mind at ease.

vTiger Woocommerce Sync Products: Woo-vTiger Syncing

Synchronize your data easily with the Woo-vTiger Syncing plugin. This is an automatic sync product designed specifically for syncing your data from an online source to the vTiger cloud. There are two server options to choose from: same server or different server. When acquiring this plugin, you will also get a single site license to use the plugin. Save countless hours of your time by syncing your data with Cron jobs automatically to a safe, secure, cloud storage platform. Also, this automatic sync is two-way, which means if you make a change within the vTiger system it will also make a change to your woocommerce store data. One cool feature of this woocommerce plugin is the ability to receive order status updates directly from vTiger. Woo-vTiger Syncing is based around CRM (customer relationship management) which makes it easy to setup, use, and navigate. This automatic syncing feature eliminates the need to manually enter data into your system; add products, customers, sales, and more in no time.

vTiger Woocommerce Sync Products: v-Tiger-Woocommerce Mapping Plugin

Utilize the woocommerce mapping plugin to your advantage by combining your online store with vTiger woocommerce integration abilities. This plugin is loaded with a dynamic field mapping feature and gives you the power to manage your data in one consolidated space. After linking your woocommerce store with the mapping plugin, all store data including will be automatically synced to the vTiger system. This process is specific to the mapping plugin only and is known as dynamic field mapping. It is quite user-friendly with an easy to navigate interface. The “field ID” for each category (wp contact ID, customer roles, user_login, title, image, email, description) is detected and then mapped over to the appropriate field ID within vTiger (user ID, user roles, firstname + lastname, product name, image, email, description). It should be noted that you can delete products and make edits from within the system as well as within the woocommerce store- it will be synced either way. If your business is solely operated online, then this is the business solution for you. The woocommerce mapping plugin is also cloud-based, which means all store data is safely backed-up in the cloud- no more fear of data loss.



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