24 Dec

Achieve Your Business Goals with the vTiger Woocommerce Mapping Plugin


This vtiger woocommerce mapping plugin is part of the woocommerce sync products that essentially serve as a technological “middleman” to help users of woocommerce sync their data seamlessly back and forth between their online store and the vTiger CRM system. By using this plugin with your woocommerce store, you can synchronize product orders, product lines, customer information, and more. You can automatically as well as manually enter all of your data into both vTigerCRM and WooCommerce.


For example, in traditional woocommerce there are customers, sales, products, and categories, and reports. When the mapping plugin begins the automatic sync process, it will look at what your labels are and transfer them over just the same as how they are listed in your store. It will also copy, for example, all of your product listings/prices/information detail by detail into the vTiger CRM system and vice versa. This can take hours off of editing product information.

Why use vTiger Woocommerce Integration?

Using vTiger Woocommerce Integration helps you easily achieve your goals and see what might need changing through the mapping plugin’s dynamic, smart sync features. This is the only plugin that allows for background synching you can schedule, keeping all of your data in a safe CRM system you can access at any time; synching is done by using Cron jobs to ensure optimal automation.


The user interface is easy to navigate, and the settings are designed for easy setup as well. Once setup is complete and automation is scheduled, you can sit back and focus more on achieving your goals by analyzing inventory report to determine what you would like to accomplish. The vTiger Woocommerce Mapping plugin is a dynamic tool that allows for more focus on the actual data reports in order to set and achieve your business goals.

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