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10 Jan

Integrate Your Ecommerce and Retail Business with vTiger POS

Why vTiger POS is Critical to Your Business

Integrating your eCommerce business with the vTiger POS system makes managing your day to day retail and eCommerce operations a breeze. Every retail store across the globe needs some type of POS system to effectively manage their data. If you own any physical store with any physical product, a point-of-sale solution will be needed to finalize that customer purchase and track the goings-on with each product and individual sale made within your business- POS functions as the central hub for all business operations like sales reporting, inventory levels, customer, and employee. For businesses that do not use a form of POS, it might actually hurt the business in the long run- especially if the business plans for a large expansion, increasing their customer acquisition, or even operating multiple retail stores. While it might seem like a difficult or nerve-wracking task at first, integrating your eCommerce business with the vTiger POS system is quite simple and will save you the headache later on. This dynamic system will link all eCommerce information with your retail store information; this makes managing products sold both online and physically much easier to track.

Features of vTiger POS

Let us dive into the many features that the vTiger POS system has to offer. As mentioned above, vTiger POS serves as a central hub that links both eCommerce and physical store information. This includes sales, inventory, customer, and employee data. While there are many forms of POS systems available on the market, vTiger POS is cloud-based which means all of your data (online and in-store) is safely stored in the vTiger cloud-ready to access from any location at any hour of the day. The fact that you can access all of your data (even in-store data) anytime. This point of sale solution is mainly focused on security, convenience, and consistency.

To sum up this POS solution, here are some features you may find useful for your eCommerce or retail store:

  • Online cloud storage (access 24/7 from any location)
  • Creating new, real-time sales
  • Creating, adding, or canceling sales orders
  • Tracking each product in inventory
  • Tracking each sale made
  • Ability to create contact lists that you can edit or modify
  • Online products & services management
  • Employee management (assigns salesperson to respective sales)
  • Ability to add discounts on products/services while conducting the sale
  • Secure payment methods for sales: cash, check, card
  • It shows the quantity, name, and price of product or service
  • Import CSV data in bulk
  • Export each analytic report
  • Module supports vTiger version 7 .x.
  • Easy installation and setup

The features of vTiger POS will transform the way you do business online and offline, providing key POS solutions that cover all ranges of business needs. Integrating this system will enable store managers and owners to more easily operate their business since each vTiger POS feature is designed for the best management from end-to-end.

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