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29 Nov

Point of Sale Solutions Hacks that every Retailer must Adopt


vTiger POS is counted among the finest point of sale systems for its potential to enhance your retail business and resolve issues that affect your day-to-day operations. The ‘point of sale’ is emerging as a crucial feature for retail business transactions, both online and physical. Incorporating the right measures for point of sale is no rocket science if you are committed to enhance customer satisfaction. Here are some facts about point of sale solutions that store owners must be aware of.

vTiger POS Designed to Boost your Retail Business Operations

Apart from great products, discounts and after-sales service, point of sale solutions offered by top names like vTiger are sure to make a huge difference to your business. As seen above, vTiger point of sale is the right way to make POS work for your business. With vTiger POS, the following features and functions will be integrated into your business that you, as well as your customers, will like respectively:

  • End-to-end order management facility
  • Creating new sales in real-time
  • Tracking every inventory and sale
  • Inventory management
  • Sales transaction management
  • Viewing and managing products and services of all pages (online transactions)
  • Assigning contact to sales (or a salesperson to a particular order)
  • Seamless managing of orders
  • The benefit of secured and flexible payment gateways- cash, cheque and card
  • Ease of providing discounts 
  • Creating and modifying contact list

vTiger POS offers these and many more advantages that make completion of the shopping process a smooth experience which certainly has customers under your spell and compels them to keep coming back to you.

More Point of Sale Solutions to Simplify and Enhance your Business 

According to experts, the following point of sale solutions are designed to work and yield great results if implemented:

Convenient, safe and quick payment experience:

Upgrade your POS machine and take appropriate measures to make the process of making payment a hassle-free experience for your customers. An increasing number of shoppers now prefer digital payment methods. Online transactions and availability of major digital payment platforms are some more instances of quick payment experience that works. 

Smarten your Payment Counters:

Adding attractive and informative graphics at the payment counter section is a powerful point of sale solutions idea you must implement. Interesting facts, milestones, achievements of your company and the extra efforts you take for customers should be displayed prominently in the billing counter area. New offers, discounts, and schemes along with details about your company should be visible to people waiting at the payment counter. It’s an effective way to build your business and to make your customers feel like a part of your company.

Place Compelling Items near Cash Counter for Impulsive Shoppers:

This hack is also a great way to increase sales without making your customers feel the pinch. Reasonable priced products that have regular utility values are great for this purpose.

These are a few vTiger POS and POS solutions that boost profits and are therefore being used extensively by industrious retail shop owners.

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