• SugarCRM wooCommercec integration
SugarCRM wooCommercec integration

WooCommerce-Sugar CRM Syncing


Sku: Suger-CRM-V123

WooCommerce and Sugar CRM plugin facilitates a host of tasks crucial for your business such as synchronizing data immediately between Woocommerce and SugarCRM. This plugin, a fusion of WooCommerce and Sugar CRM, effortlessly streamlines sales, manage business orders automatically and simplifies customer relationship management automatically. That means you do not have to make manual entries of details related to your e-commerce sales into your CRM with the Sugar CRM WooCommerce plugin.


WooCommerce Sugar CRM Synchronization

Sugar CRM WooCommerce plugin helps you to perform a wide range of important business processes effortlessly without investing much time. It is provided with smart sync features that facilitate scheduled background sync without depending for manual input from your CRM or website users.It also prevents problems such as conflicts in data records that lead to inaccuracies and substandard data,which not all CRM solutions are able to do.

Woo-SugarCRM Features

  • Synchronize register customer of woocommerce to contact in SugarCRM
  • Synchronize order of woocommerce to sales order in SugarCRM
  • Synchronize products of woocommerce to products in SugarCRM
  • Synchronize  product categories
  • Report of synchronized data between woocommerce and SugarCRM
  • The plugin support two-way syncing
  • Auto syncing and manual syncing
  • Schedule syncing in auto syncing mode
  • Use cron jobs to sync as many times as day as you need
  • 100% secure connection between your crm and woocommerce
  • Easy to use. No manual labor required
  • Easy to setup and setting


  • Customers are created from woocommerce into SugarCRM
  • Customers registered in woocommerce will be saved as contact in SugarCRM


  • Orders from woocommerce push into SugarCRM
  • Order from woocommerce will be stored as sales order in SugarCRM
  • The order status updates from SugarCRM into woocommerce



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1. Adding SugarCRM Config


2. Import Contacts from SugarCRM


3. Export Contacts to SugarCRM


4. Import Accounts From SugarCRM


5. Export Account to SugarCRM


6. Import Product from SugarCRM


7. Export Product to SugarCRM


8. Import Order From SugarCRM


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