Woocommerce Vtiger CRM Integration Plugin with Dynamic Mapping Field
19 Jun

Synchronizing Data Between Woocommerce and vTigerCRM Automatically

vTiger Woocommerce integration is not something many people understand. When you have woocommerce sync products, you should know how they are working, or at least what they are. With the Woo-Vtiger syncing plugin, you get an essential tool that aids you in synchronizing data instantly. Data such as Orders, Customers, and Products. This tool syncs the data between vTigerCRM and Woocommerce. This is an automatic process if it is done correctly, this means that manual entry isn’t something that you would have to do. You could save several hours in the day with the plugin Woo-Vtiger. VTiger WooCommerce Mapping Plugin and Woo-VTiger Syncing are great for anyone who is looking to grow their eCommerce business.

Woo-Vtiger Syncing has a smart sync feature that enables scheduled syncing in the background, with no input required manually. Normally your CRM or website would require this manual input, but this plugin makes the process a bit easier for many people. Using vTiger Web services, Woo-Vtiger syncing enables the syncing in a two-way process. Updating WordPress data will automatically send that data to vTiger. This happens in the other direction as well, if you update vTiger information, then it will automatically send all that data to WordPress.

Features of Woo-Vtiger Syncing

Now that you have a basic understanding of what and how syncing is done with Woocommerce and vTigerCRM, we want to go over the features of this Plugin. There are quite a few:

  • Woocommerce Register Customer Synchronize to Contact in vTigerCRM
  • Order of Woocommerce to Sales Order in vTigerCRM Synchronization
  • Product Categories Synchronization
  • Synchronization of Woocommerce Products to vTigerCRM
  • Two-Way Syncing
  • Manual and Auto Syncing
  • Schedule Auto Sync Mode Time

Other Important Aspects/Features

There are just a few extra things we’d like to mention about VTiger WooCommerce Mapping Plugin and Woo-VTiger Syncing that makes these plugin so useful. For starters, it uses Cron jobs to sync throughout the day, as many times as you wish. Next, The connection between Woocommerce and your CRM will be 100% secure. It is an easy to use plugin that requires little to no manual labor. Lastly, It is super easy to set up.

You get two-way syncing to your e-commerce site from vTiger. Also, when you delete a product in vTiger, it is moved to the trashcan in Woocommerce. The categories ‘products’ will be synced between Woocommerce and vTiger. Also, when you update a product on Woocommerce, you get it updated on vTiger as well.

As you can see, this Plugin is super helpful and makes the daunting tasks easily manageable. You get a lot of positive features, and they all make managing your Woocommerce simple while automatically synchronizing information that is vital to proper operations.


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