Vtiger Voice Assistant
26 Nov

Voice Assistant for vTiger- the New Big Thing Designed to Transform your Business

Voice Assistant for vTiger CRM is becoming increasingly popular in the business world today. A number of organizations aiming to grow their business online are using vTiger Voice Assistant. This CRM is a powerful voice-controlled system that makes it easy for you to navigate your CRM through Voice Assistant. It is evolving as a highly efficient solution that enables you to perform a variety of tasks simply by clicking on the mic.

Voice Assistant for vTiger CRM allows you to convert voice memos to voice data quickly with utmost convenience. More and more business houses are now discovering the advantages of vTiger Voice Assistant and are realizing how it’s making work stimulating, efficient and convenient without putting an excessive effort.

What vTiger Voice Assistant does to Elevate your Business Performance

vTiger Voice Assistant is winning users over for the simple, smoother and yet efficient way in which it operates. It is a trustworthy voice-controlled system with which you can surf through your entire CRM and easily find anything you’re looking to go ahead with your tasks. Here are a few functions that you can carry out easily with the help of vTiger Voice Assistant:

  • Generating quotations/ sales order/ purchase order
  • Creating invoice
  • Creating new contacts and details
  • Shows data after applying filter. Date filter allows today, yesterday, this month, the previous month, this year and the previous year.
  • Shows data after applying condition filter with value.

More about vTiger Voice Assistant Enhancing your Performance

Vtiger Voice Assistant is also popularly known as a ‘conversational’ CRM tool. As mentioned earlier, it is becoming widely popular in business. It allows users to:

  • Verbally dictate notes
  • log data at any point of time hands-free
  • Using Voice Recognition and other AI-powered technologies that translate voice memos to voice data

Voice Assistant for vTiger is expected to become even bigger in the coming times. Business houses across industries are recognizing it as the perfect way to perform intricate operations such as creating new tasks easily.  Another advantage of this CRM is that it is a time-saving method. Instead of spending time on performing trivial tasks manually, you can focus on more productive tasks and save time if you choose Vtiger Voice Assistant. This method is therefore also popularly known as a hands-free platform that makes your tasks simple and enhances your business performance.

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