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23 Oct

What is WordPress Lead Capture?

A survey showed that out of the 100 visitors on your website 75 will never return again for any doubt, query or purchase. It simply tells you that unless you have a method to reach, touch base, or track that customer you will be losing your potential buyer. You need a way to generate interest in that visitor to convert him/her into your customer. This procedure of touching the potential customer to initiate an interest for becoming a user, by means of opening several communication channels is termed as – Lead Generation and eventually Lead Capture.

When to Initiate- Lead Generation?

Be it a startup business, small time business, big corporate house, online marketers, bloggers, or e-mailers everyone needs “Lead generation”, as everyone needs an audience. The sooner the better, due to the fact that when you are not generating leads you are missing those potential customers.

Mere initiation do not fetch you customers, it is an ongoing process and needs a lot of time to accomplish the objective. Therefore start “Lead Generation” as soon as possible, in WordPress.

Steps for “Lead Generation”!

The very first step is to have a WordPress website. If you don’t have one then create, as this is the basic. Few additional things required are- “E-Mail marketing Service Provider”, the one specializing in sending mass mails. Also you need the best lead generating software. The following are few steps for Lead Generation in WordPress:

  1. Capture Leads: You can capture leads by using the WordPress lead capture system. You may do that by “comments forms” or by “comment subscription”. WordPress site redirects the customer to a different page like- thank you page or an offer page, once they submit their comments. Thereby the customer can be offered various services or product info via e-mail, later.
    Adding comments subscription will notify the visitor about any new comment and this way your visitor can revisit you website, can return, recall your services and convert into final user.
  2. Contact Forms: WordPress lead capture is best suited for “contact form plugins”. It is easy to use, creative and integrates with E-Mail Service providers easily. It can generate inquiry form, quote form, or simple lead capture contact form. These contact forms are the best way to lead generation, and you can create them yourself using the feature-“drag and drop form builder”.
  3. Other: There are various other ways in WordPress lead capture form which help you generate quality leads like- adding “News Letter” signup option; using “Popups” and “Dynamic” Option forms. Also available are the “Floating Bars” option for lead generation.

Lead generation is an ongoing process and it may happen that something which worked for your neighbor might not work for you. You need to keep exploring the possibilities with variations like using various color schemes, different themes, separate images and videos if required.

Do not stick to one option use multiple options to maximize your efforts and chances of generating quality and productive leads.


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